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            Guangdong Tourism Institute is a state-owned national key institute under the leadership of Guangdong Tourism Administration Bureau and Guangdong Mininstry of Education. It is a garden-style institute which is located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain and near the South-Lake. Now it covers an area of 200 mu with more than 70,000 squre meters overall floorage area. There are over 5,000 enrolled students together with approximately 300 staffs.

            The institute has been making efforts on innovation of talent cultivating model and insisting on the combiantion of the traditional Chinese culture and modernized education concept. Up to now, we have cultivated tens of thousands of excellent graduates and have received favorable responses from the leaders and all quarters of society.

            During the past years, we have got lots of titles such as National Key Vocational Institute, the National Advanced Group in Education System, the Advanced Moral Education Group in National Vocational Institute, the Guangdong Top 10 Most Competitive Units in Vocational Institute, the Advanced Unit of Guangdong Provincial Authorities Work Committee, the Safe and Civilized Campus of Guangdong Province, etc. Now we are trying our best to apply for the title of the National Vocational Demonstation Institute.

            Address of the college: No.1111 Tongtai Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, PRC

            Zip code: 510515

            Fax Number: (86)020-37248645